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The Spiritual Home of British Horseracing

With corridors travelled by historical legends, reception rooms enjoyed by Royalty and dining rooms overlooked by equine masterpieces, The Jockey Club Rooms truly is a place like no other. Experience a venue that is built around tradition, but embraces innovation. Stay in rooms of pristine elegance that still retain their character and charm. Dine in Georgian splendour while savouring the most modern of culinary delights. At the Jockey Club Rooms, the exclusive becomes accessible and the extraordinary becomes the norm.


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The #Newmarket Challenge Whip features a plaited loop of #horsehair and the remains of the lash from Eclipse

Our Dining Room is one of the best examples of #horseracing and splendour at The Jockey Club Rooms!

Did you know that there are around 2,000 #thoroughbreds in training in #Newmarket at any one time?!

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