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18th June 2018

Bespoke Black Book visits The Club | The Jockey Club Rooms

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Enjoying weekends away is a passion of mine but when I discover a hidden gem that offers a unique experience it really excites me. I first heard about The Jockey Club Rooms through a friend of mine who explained that whilst the venue first and foremost operates as a private members Club, they also offer accommodation and dining to guests and corporate clients alike. The Jockey Club rooms located in the centre of the high street in Newmarket has a fascinating history dating back to the 18th century. The Jockey Club Rooms have been at the heart of British racing for over 250 years. A body of influence and a source of sustained investment in racing over a period spanning four centuries, The Jockey Club as an organisation is known worldwide, there are records to show that at least six Prime Ministers were also members of The Jockey Club and for much of the Club’s existence many of its members divided their time between Parliament and conducting racing’s affairs from The Rooms. Whilst located in the very heart of a busy Newmarket high street, the club set back behind a gated entrance has always retained a degree of mystique. It is very easy to walk or drive past without ever appreciating or even realising what the club has to offer. To me it feels at the moment as a bit of a best kept secret as the venue has not become overly commercialised and remains under most people’s radar. Read the full review here

the club set back behind a gated entrance has always retained a degree of mystique